Anne-Sophie Nardon & Corinne Hershkovitch

Borghese Associes is a law firm created in 2009 by Corinne Hershkovitch and Anne-Sophie Nardon. Its dominant activity is Art Law; its other areas of practice are Business Law, Criminal Business Law, Labor Law and Construction Law.

Art Law

The ever-larger role played by the art market in the world economy means that the legal stakes are high in this important area of culture and commerce. Borghese Associes is one of the rare Paris legal firms to be specialized in Art Law, offering a whole range of competencies in the different branches of law touching on the circulation and preservation of cultural heritage for institutions such as museums, art market professionals, artists, collectors and amateur art lovers.

Other Areas of Practice

Borghese Associes advises and accompanies both French and international companies in diverse areas of dispute related to their activities, and defends managers or employees confronted with legal difficulties involving various aspects of Criminal or Civil Law.